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The top Elements of Enterprise Architecture

The business world right now has been taken over by digital technology. All businesses that fail to adapt become obsolete and therefore close shop. This is the main reason why successful businesses are doing all they can to adopt enterprise architecture. The only way that a business will have a good chance to not only survive but also thrive is for them to take up enterprise architecture and the difference between TOGAF and ArchiMate. What the enterprise architecture will offer a business are ideal pathways that the business can follow when they want to take on new technologies. The enterprise architecture is comprised of so many elements. In this article we shall take a look at the main elements of enterprise architecture.

The thing that shall be taken into consideration here is the management. Not even a single project can be done very well when the ideal management is not available as well as the difference between TOGAF and ArchiMate. The purpose of her is to put together the best management team that will be in charge of the software as well as the run the enterprise architecture. The main work that the management team will be doing is to keep everyone involved in a straight line. Only the best of the best should be selected to be in the management is the difference between TOGAF and ArchiMate. The managers should be chosen based on their merit.

The next component of enterprise architecture that shall be looked at is the framework. In more ways than one the enterprise architecture is a kind of blueprint that is to be followed. The kind of model and method that will be used will influence so much about this. It is in the framework that things such as other elements of enterprise architecture and the business strategy are defined. It is also in the framework that the modeling language to be used will be outlined. Also the difference between TOGAF and ArchiMate will be handled here.

The enterprise architecture element that we shall look into here is known as implementation methods. After creating the system elements, all that is left is to have those elements implemented. The number of methods of implementation that can be used are many. The chosen team will need to be told what method of implementation will be used in the execution of the plans. It is with the knowledge of the implementation methods that the right steps can be formulated. It is the framework that shall be looked at for guidance on the implementation of the strategy shall take place. With that said, it is now very clear it is the implementation that will guide the whole project. You should not overlook any element of enterprise architecture that has been outlined here.